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Supporting your child’s emotional well-being

Our mental health counselling support team are able to help your child to make sense of what’s going on in their life and find ways of coping when things are difficult. Scientific research shows that the mind has greater capability and performance when anchored by positive emotional states. This is why we believe in our holistic approach to deliver greater academic outcomes.  Therapy can come in many forms and counselling or talking therapy is a great basis to work from and it gives young people a space to explore feelings, thoughts and experiences. 

Seeing your child struggling can be really difficult and worrying as a parent and deciding to reach out for support can feel like a big step. Parents can worry whether they have done something wrong or whether their child’s counsellor would blame them. In fact, lots children and young people go to counselling or therapy at some point for all sorts of reasons – and therapist will work with you supportively to think about what’s going on and how you can makes things better together. 

We can support with…


Anxiety Management


Bereavement or loss

Stress and depression

Attachment disorder

Separation Anxiety

Behavioural Problems

Confidence and Self-esteem

Gender Dysphoria




Family separation

Social Anxiety

What counselling support do we offer?


Children will encounter many challenges growing up and sometimes this can feel very overwhelming. Pressure can be felt from many angles – school, parents, peers, social media – and it can be tricky to navigate through this without the right tools. For those children with additional needs, such as ASD, dyslexia or cognitive impairments, these challenges can feel particularly overwhelming. Our trained Tutor Train counsellor can help your child understand their thoughts and feelings and arm them with tools and techniques to manage these to build confident and resilient young adults. 

Exam Anxiety Support

The lead up to exams is a stressful time for most students. The pressure, uncertainty and worry for some can become particularly overwhelming which is not only an unpleasant and uncomfortable feeling, but can impact on their ability to fulfil their potential when siting the exams. As a parent you may notice changes in your child – they may have become withdrawn, angry or tearful. Our 8 week programme is specifically designed to help your child understand their feelings and provide them with the tools and techniques to manage this tricky time, enabling them to reach their full potential.

Social and Emotional

Students who are being homeschooled may miss out on the important pastoral support offered in school. This can sometimes be tricky to deliver as a parent and also receive as a child so we are able to offer the social and emotional well-being support service which can be tailored to the individual child. This can include covering curriculum topics, puberty and readiness for adulthood. By providing an impartial ‘safe space’, we can allow your child the freedom to question the world around them, their views and others and to help them navigate their way through what can be for some, a challenging time. 

How we deliver our counselling service


Your home


Local park (Walking Therapy)

Neutral public venue (cafe or library)



 Taster session

6 week block

8 week block

Open-ended weekly sessions



Video call

Email support

Text Support


Meet our counselling team

Louise Devonshire-Mander


My name is Louise, a 42 year old mum and wife based in North Bedfordshire. I am a BACP accredited counsellor with many years of experience of working with children and young people age 3-24. My ethos is to provide a calm and confidential therapeutic service for children, young people and families. I offer a range of services including talking therapy, play therapy, counselling, exam anxiety sessions and PSHCE life skills, to help children understand their own emotions and experiences.

As a parent, I understand how difficult it can be to decide on the right route for your child and then finding someone who you trust to explore and start this journey. I work within the humanistic approach called Person-Centered Therapy. This is entirely client-led and works on the understanding that the client knows themselves better than anyone else. I am trained to unlock thoughts, feelings and experiences and help support the individual through their own personal journey of growth and healing.

When working with children and young people, I use a variety  of different approaches to help them navigate through this journey. This can include, but not limited to, emotion cards, a worry monster and colouring/drawing. My priority with a child-centered approach, is to create an environment where they feel safe and comfortable to explore their feelings. I work at their own pace and will always follow their lead. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you tell me what my child says?

No, we do not disclose what your child shares during their session unless there is an immediate risk of harm to the child or others. This is discussed with the child at the beginning of the meeting. 

How many sessions will my child need?

This all depends on the individual, their circumstance and the purpose for their counselling sessions. We offer 6 or 8 week blocks of support which can be extended if required. 

Where are the sessions held?

We provide a variety of services to cater for everyone’s situation. We can work with your child in their home, school or a mutual place such as a library as well as offering a remote support via video calls and text. 

What if counselling doesn’t help?

We will work with your child to help them navigate through their feelings. If, during this time, your counsellor identifies additional needs, they will signpost you to relevant organisations to help continue the support. 

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Key Stage 2






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